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Donald Trump Jr. Shared First Screenshot Of ‘Truth Social’ – Twitter Rival Slated To Launch Next Week

Donald Trump Jr. Shared First Screenshot Of ‘Truth Social’ – Twitter Rival Slated To Launch Next Week

WASHINGTON DC 31 July: U.S. President Donald Trump looks back on journalists following his welcome The White House welcomed the Mongolian President Battulga Khhaltmaa on July 31, 2019, in Washington DC. Khaltmaa traveled to Washington to make trade and military agreements with the United States. She also symbolically gifted Barron a horse. Trump stated that the horse would be called “Victory.” (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images).

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Former President Donald Trump may still be banned from Twitter and Facebook, but beginning next week he could likely be active on social media again – this time on his very own platform.

Donald Trump Jr., his son and former President, tweeted Tuesday night a picture from Truth Social.

It’s time for some truth!The caption was from Donald Trump Jr., @DonaldJTrumpJr. He had written on Twitter that his father was “Get ready!” “Your favorite president will be seeing you soon.”

Donald Trump Jr. has had his message retweeted over 10,600 times since Tuesday night and received nearly 54,000 likes.

President’s Day Launch

Truth Social has been scheduled to launch next week. According to an Apple App Store listing, former President Trump is currently planning to launch the Truth Social platform on February 21 – Presidents’ Day.

The post was shared by the Trump family and many people thought that Truth Social was an imitation of Twitter. However, many Trump supporter expressed joy at the announcement that Truth Social would be an alternative platform to Twitter.

Trump’s account on TruTH Social (beta), has been active and the drop in TRUTH Social (beta), is now down! “The world is healing,” said Liz Willis (VP operations, Right Side Broadcasting Network).

Brigitte Gabriel (@ACTBrigitte), conservative activist, posted: “Truth Social Will Change The World”

Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel (@seanhannity), said, “GET READY! YOUR FAVORITE PRINCE WILL SEE YOU SOONTrump sends the First Truth Social Post

Let Truth Be Told

An equal number of users on social media mocked the announcement, including the fact that it was done on Twitter – the very service that Truth Social seeks to displace.

Majid M. Padellan, a social media commentator and influencer, tweeted that Truth Social would be just as successful as trump University and the trump Foundation. This is the Truth.

According to The USA Singers, “Truth Social” is going to be a nuclear waste dump of lies.

Author Grant Stern (@granstern) poked fun, tweeting, “Truth Social is so f**king successful the only place you can see it is on Twitter. LOL.”

Is there a Twitter Clone?

Truth Social could be the Trump Media and Technology Group’s (TMTG) first project. This group was established after a merger between Digital World Acquisition Group and Trump Media and Technology Group. Although it may be an alternative to Twitter it appears that its form and function are very similar to Twitter’s micro-blog platform.

Trump used Twitter frequently as a media tool and Twitter’s ability to send short messages (tweets) to large audiences fits his style. Truth Social could quickly grow its audience because Trump has made it his favorite platform. This could make it more effective than previous Twitter alternatives like Parler.

Trump’s former president had suggested that a social media platform be built after being removed from Facebook and Twitter for breaking their codes of conduct.

Beginning next week Trump could have his platform – one where he makes the rules, as well as one that won’t likely silence him no matter what he has to say.

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