Thursday, May 30, 2024

Be Your Best for Social Media With a Full Night’s Sleep

Be Your Best for Social Media With a Full Night’s Sleep

The world’s highest earners know the value of sleep.  Amazon founder Jeff Bezos consistently gets 8 hours because that is the amount he says he needs to feel “energized and excited.”  Warren Buffet and Marie Kondo also aspire to 8 hours. No matter what field you’re in, rest is essential to success.  Individuals who regularly get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep are 29% more productive than those who sleep less than 5. 

Sleep improves mental and physical health.  REM sleep is one of the biggest factors of nurtured creativity, a skill that is extremely valuable to the modern job market.  Sleep dramatically reduces clerical errors and mistakes, making it easier to get tasks done right the first time.  The effects of sleep aren’t just mental.  A greater amount of sleep also leads to a stronger immune system, a critical trait in a world ridden with disease.  1.2 million working days are lost due to the poor sleep workers receive.

If you do have dysfunctional sleeping habits, don’t worry.  It is always possible to improve your sleep routine.  First step to better sleeping health is to do away with all nighters.  Adults going without sleep for 48 hours have similar mental impairments to someone with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.1%.  On the subject of alcohol, reduce consumption where you can.  2 or more servings of alcohol a day reduces sleep quality by 39.3%.  Above all, make it a priority to receive 7-8 hours of sleep. 

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